Preface to my book, “Faced My Fears In Portland”

Summer reading is here!

It’s not usual to write a book on a homicide, but this book is one such attempt. Publishing is moving along. After the book is published, I’ll be asking you to buy a copy, read it and send a review. Details will follow!

                                        “Faced My Fears in Portland”


This book’s been written with you in mind. I believe you’re the kind of person who’s always trying to sort through the tough issues of life. Many people would be turned off by a book centering on a homicide, but coming off a pandemic has prepared you for almost any topic.

This book is an extension of my blog  which I started soon after my son Marc was murdered in Portland, OR in October 2014. I originally wanted to write about the case to keep family and friends informed on its progress, but the writing ritual soon became a much-needed conduit that helped me deal with life and death issues of my own. I emerged from my son’s tragic death stronger than I’d ever been, and free from several deep fears I thought were just part of my makeup.

In these pages I’m seeking to dialog with you about human tragedy, because we’re all coming off some kind of pain due to the pandemic or some other matter. I’m writing so that those of you who are worried about our families and our nation can know there’s still much good in this world.  God is not out of the picture!

I’m hoping you’re a reader who’s open to looking at life in real terms, and you’re tired of hearing stories through rose colored glasses; and tired of hearing info that scares you out of your wits every day. My readers know we are in a state of flux in this nation and that a genuinely personal story is appreciated in times of crises. You don’t need to be part of any religion or political party to “get” the message in this book. This book will strike a chord in many of you!




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