Summary of Book “Faced My Fears In Portland”


When I hear about a murder on TV, I frequently feel frustrated at how the news handles crime or violence. I wish the public could hear about crime with all its ramifications and not in snippets. We need references to crime based on reality, not shock value, sentiment, or political rhetoric in times of tragedy. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share my and Marc’s story. I wanted to capture the multiple facets of human and community involvement in a homicide case.  I wanted to make human tragedy come off these pages and visit with you for a moment.

Whoever you are, I hope I’ve shared in this book that individual relationships are the sustaining hope we have in life, not tribes or politics. I simply wanted readers to know there’s more to a brief news story than meets the eye. Human lives are being affected in enormous ways, and it’s the strength of strong relationships that will get people through a personal crisis.  

I’ll never forget in the couple months after Marc’s murder, even when I was having PTSD and crying a lot, I could write in my blog and recall all the love I shared with Marc. I simply basked in the perfect knowledge that God allowed me to know and love this precious young man. That bubble of “love” we shared carried me for weeks. It sustained me with a deep, secret understanding of what real life was about. I felt free to talk about love in my blog, while others were mute and barely able to share what people meant to them.

The genuine tragedy in life is to go through it without ever having loved. It’s a sad fact that in this modern age many people are never touched by the miracle of love. It’s in every soul to desire the love of another. We think of God’s love as perfect too, but we need other humans. So, in this book I wanted to share not a tragic personal experience, but the triumph of love, for without that bond with Marc, there’d be no blog, book, or life for me.

*   *   *   *   *   *   *

I like to give snippets of what’s in my book. I hope it helps you grasp what’s at the core of the story.  Will share more soon. Thank you for your continued support!

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