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Here are some comments from the last few years for my blog,

“Faced My Fears In Portland” will be published soon –

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From Crista – On ‘Remembering Marc’ – “I absolutely love this. It shows just how much of an impact Marc made in this world. It tells a story of who Marc is. Thank you for sharing this beautiful glimpse with us. I know Marc is so very proud of his strong and courageous mom” –

Rob R.   “Beautiful”

“Great post. Amen to fighting the divisive rhetoric of the Left!”  On the post “Living Thru the 5/29/20 protests in L.A.”

Cynthia – “Di, great job drawing the reader in with warmth, historical depth and beautiful description and painting the city of Portland setting up for special glimpse into Marc’s life and a mother’s profound love. Yes we want more!! Feed us the journey with your grace and elegant flare. You are a very talented writer.”  On “Preface from ‘Faced My Fears In Portland”

Stacey – “It takes courage to share your heart this way and be transparent about where you are and how you view God through your pain and loss. There is a purpose, Diane. You just might not know it for a while and all is revealed. Much love and lots of prayers!”

Jim Slone – “I have just tonight discovered your material via the Facebook writers forum we share. Your thoughts are amazing and I admire your tenacity and clear headed descriptions of subjects that are hard to think about, much less write on. I will keep reading.”

Silvana – “Thank you Diane for allowing us to be part of your story. Your courage helps us to cope with our losses, (so we) stop and reflect on the power of God and His comfort. We are not alone.”

“Dear Diane, it’s Emma, Corben and Piper’s mum from the school – Thank you for sharing your blog with me. I can’t imagine the pain you and your family have been through these past few years but I thank you for sharing your story, you are very courageous. I find your blog beautifully written and inspiring, despite its tragic subject matter. I think Marc would be very proud of you. I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers as you approach Marc’s birthday and anniversary. Thank you again, Emma”

“Wow, can’t wait to read it!” (Book) –  On “Chapter One”

Lisa Marie – “What about mental illness?”  (on post about need for police)

From Patti – “You truly inspire me. Your tragedy of the loss of your son would to me be unbearable. I know how grief lingers but you have risen above it and share with us your journey. You are so brave! Your words are eloquent and your message so important for others. Thanks, Diane.”

L. – “After your recent tweet about the Portland riot, I found your blog. I am so glad I did! You have a clarity of mind that is rare these days. (I wish you were my neighbor, so we could have coffee and talk more. )”

Angelina – “Keep writing and sharing. God bless!”

Aracely – “It’s beautiful to know that after all you went through you still have the capacity to love and forgive the persons who hurt the one you most love. Blessings Diane. ”  Re: “Article Day of The Murder”

Linda Marquez – “Thank you for telling us!!”  “Second Hardest Post I’ve Ever Written’ (re: Twitter and cancel culture)

Stephanie C. – “Stay strong Diane. God is with you and so are your friends who deeply care about you. Praying for you to feel Gods love and comfort.. xo”


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