Book Battle Almost Over

Hi All –

Thank you for your patience while I worked feverishly on writing and learning to set up a publishing company. “Faced My Fears In Portland” will be published shortly by Shiloah Shield Press.

Most of my blog followers are not familiar with how a book is published or marketed, so I’ll share some things with you. Right before the book is published on Amazon, I’ll send emails out and share links on this blog for you click and check out the book. I’ll advertise on social media as well.

“Faced My Fears In Portland” will be published as an E-book and in paperback form, so you will have 2 book formats to choose from. I plan to publish the book in hardcover and audio format at a later time.

Couple things about the next stages;

1. If you decide to purchase a copy of the book would you consider writing a review on Amazon? It would be help increase sales. I simply want Marc’s legacy to get out to readers & personal recommendations are an important draw.

2. In the marketing phase I’m going to set the price low at certain intervals to allow people to buy in multiples. I know the topic is a tough one for some, but you might want to buy more than one for a gift or for a group discussion. One contact is going to display the book in her store. I’ll share here about special pricing.

I’ll be offering ‘free’ books at the beginning as an incentive to prospective buyers. As a new author I’m trying to encourage people to trust my name and content. I’m already planning short books to follow this book.

While I’m a mediocre writer I have the best topic to write on, so I believe in my story, and that it will find a home in some hearts and minds out there. Coming out of a tragedy like losing a child takes tremendous work, but we all have the means inside us and around us to persevere thru the worst of times. I want people to see that living in fears can be a thing of the past. Especially in this time of a pandemic.

I hope you will log onto Amazon and look at the book in a week or so, and buy a copy! Thanks for following and stay tuned for more info!


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