Powerful Healing Tears

My life continues to revolve alot around the legacy of my son Marc. I’ve chalked up observations this past year and a half on dealing with life after death of a child who still means so much to me. I’ve really had to be keenly watchful for healing insights on my journey.


One of my relatives on Facebook sent a little video recently on ‘Tears’. I thought it may be one of those maudlin, sentimental messages that would be so trite but I read it anyway as that relative usually sends some items I really like. Wow, a pleasant surprise!

The clip began by showing a girl with tears streaming down her face, then shared slides of tears under the microscope in their diverse patterns, cell structures. Tears of joy were different from tears of say, chopping an onion. Tears of grief were different from tears of reunion, and so on. There were dramatic differences between the cell shapes …. it would take paragraphs to go into details!

The artist, Lisa Fisher, explained there are enzymes, antibodies & oils suspended in salt water in our tears and these affect our emotions. They act as natural painkillers too, they are that potent! Fact’s like these always humble me, they show me how much God’s involved in every part of our being, even thru our bio-chemistry! I can see how God’s worked in my life since Marc’s gone, how He’s allowed me to cry and grieve and heal from ‘loss’. It’s been helpful at times to stop & get away from the theme of murder in my life, and get into the ‘world of wonder’, and remember Marc and I are part of God’s huge creation going on for centuries.

Our bodies, relationships are a testimony of God’s intelligence and caring, not punishment or doom! The God of our tears, the God of our loved ones ….. He knows everything we go thru and has a way for us to get thru things that seem unbearable. I would not be able to have any hope for the future if I didn’t have a God so far ahead of all my feeble understanding of things.  He heals daily our broken and hurt emotions and sends chemicals thru our bodies to relieve our pain of loss. He thinks of everything!

Link to the book  ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’, another good resource :




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