Easter, 2016

HAPPY EASTER ! Early this morning I felt Marc was trying to get my attention. It was like he was saying to me, ‘Mom, come up here with me and look at the Easter celebration from my point of view!’


At the Good Friday service the other night I listened to a dramatization about some of the people close to Jesus who watched him die. It made me think about how they/we tend to rely on ‘external’  and not internal power to get our bearings in life! They thought they’d be ruling with Jesus in some earthly manner, but they like we, continually held up external recognition as the rule of thumb for power. Many haven’t heard that God wants us to have way more than people or society can give! He wants us to get past the idolizing of the world’s approval and get into the deep joy of living with our hearts desires submitted to His will.

Also, I know the stages of shock, disbelief and grief you go thru after a loved one departs this life! You question things! It’s interesting to me how Jesus dealt with their grief ….. He appeared to them very soon after he died, and stayed with them for 40 days, sharing and living among them. They never had to go thru the lingering grief, depression, etc we normally do.  He saved them from that.

In those 40 days with them He gave them the solid experience they needed to grow as a community and go worldwide and share the gospel. They’d just communally and personally witnessed life and death together, victory over every kind of evil known to man! Political turmoil, religious persecution, personal betrayal, poverty, sickness, demonic control ….. they’d seen it all & would never be shaken from the truth they experienced together!

For weeks after Marc left, alongside the deepest grief, I felt like the most blessed mom! I constantly was living in awe that I’d known the most wonderful person …. and he was my son ….  and I didn’t know how to explain it to people!? Even for a few months,  I kept thinking about the love and fun Marc and I shared, and how it could fill football fields or great halls! I understand how God uses our good memories to buffet us from the anguish, so we can forge a path into the future!

Happy Easter from Marc and Diane!


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