Already This Year …. Abortion Debacle

….. it seems like 2019 is going down as the year when the war against babies is really being revealed!

Things like the sanctity of life are to me indisputable, something I didn’t think needed defending. Personally, abortion is something I’d never consider …. it wouldn’t be me, as I value life too much. I think God puts that instinct in us, to value the innocent. It just never worried me what others believed, cause I knew where I stood.

Recently I’ve been stunned, sickened by some of the news coming out about abortion in some states. Been reading on Twitter very specific things that make me feel some have sunk to a new low in our country:

  • It was totally soul-rending to watch legislators in New York State cheering after a bill was signed to legalize the abortion of a fetus’ in the 3rd trimester. Why the open cheers?
  • Right after, a couple of VA state legislators asked about legislation for babies late term.
  • Immediately after that the VA Governor tried to bring the furor down by saying that babies born during labor would be kept alive and comfortable until the parents and Dr. decided what they wished to do with the child!

The descriptions above have compelled me to write this post! I guess I’ve lived in a bubble and not realized how much this topic of abortion is pervading our country’s laws, communities. I’ve not really investigated how much the abortion rhetoric has gone beyond Planned Parenthood and out to states to legislate! Rather, I’ve just tried to keep my eyes on all the good done for the unborn:

  • People working to make the public aware of the rights of the unborn, like manning clinics to help women change their minds by offering them free ultrasounds, so they can see and hear their baby’s heart and body, and  …. hopefully change their minds.
  • People running homes so women can give birth to their child, even if they give him/her up for adoption.
  • New legislation is being passed in some states, giving stronger rights to the unborn than what New York State gives, so it’s not all bad news for the unborn.

The unborn have value!

My mind just can’t grasp the horror that’s being done to the little ones! Sucking a baby out, breaking limbs, brain matter being forced out ….. just unbelievable gore, trauma! To hear about these things is like hearing we have little Nazi death chambers across the U.S. The inhumanity done to human babies …. we’d feel bad if we heard that farmers did that to the offspring on their farm, why aren’t we more upset about human babies?

My 2 sons, Paul (older) and Marc

I know some women believe a fetus is theirs to do what they want with. But ….. what about your own body? That NY bill not only wants to destroy a baby’s life but the mother’s almost. I was sickened to learn that the NY bill allows non-physicians to perform the late trimester ‘surgery’! What get’s me, aside from taking the life of an unborn, is …. why would you let a non-physician remove your almost full term baby? Don’t you care about how it’s removed, what it could do to your body, your conscience, your ability to bear children later?

What or who are legislators thinking of when they make these laws in New York? What makes me upset as I read more on the abortion issue in some states is that the laws aren’t being discussed openly with views from both sides, with medical and other advisors testifying. Many citizens don’t know what their legislators are doing these days!

An abortion Dr. very calmly and methodically described to Congress some time ago what happens to a fetus after a woman is sedated. The parts of a baby are ‘pulled’ out ‘very hard’, he said. Can you imagine a non-doctor doing this?l! We aren’t talking about a mid-wife who’s trained to deliver a healthy baby. I don’t even wanna think about what is done to get a large infants head to pass thru the birth canal aside from normal delivery or C-section. To think that some legislators think it’s okay to wrench a full term infant from a woman is beyond my world …. hard to believe!

I can’t imagine being pregnant and living in shame or being in fear of what my parents may think. I can’t imagine not having a marriage or home in place to bring a child into? I know our world doesn’t like to hear this but we need to remember we all are responsible for our lives whatever comes, we need to make the right decisions and there’s help out there if we’re confused or fall. I know some women are pretty far gone to drugs and alone, or fall into the wrong crowd but their conscience is still alive and functioning. We can’t pretend that removing an obstacle is the answer to our ‘problem’. Too many youth are in their own worlds sharing the wrong, easy answers.

Since Marc’s murder I’ve been thinking about the purpose of government more. We had the best D.A., detectives for Marc’s case, there’s so many good people working in city governments. But in the larger bodies of govt. it’s not always so clear what they are trying to do, as they are messing with sacred issues. I wrote recently that government can be used to block freedoms, destroy the values we’ve lived by. The idea that a legislature can disrupt the continuity of human history with their declarations about men …. women …… children ……. life itself, is just mind boggling!

I had two miscarriages. I wasn’t able to say good-bye to them, I don’t know if they were male or female, though I have a hunch? I don’t know what they look like, but I will find out in heaven. I’ve asked that they be two of the first people to greet me when I die or Jesus takes us up.

We need to talk about some of these things so we don’t grow impervious to the challenges in life that people are facing. We never know who we may be able to comfort or enlighten!


Catholic Christianity In Modern Day Europe

Tradition is not an empty expression of faith, rather it can tie generations, cultures and individuals together over hundreds of years! Ideally, when we look past tradition, we find a flesh and blood God smiling down on us –

On my Twitter account I’m in touch with some from the UK who’re sharing their take on the Brexit decision and it’s stormy aftermath. This article below is by Michael Sullivan …. an Irish Catholic poet and writer living in Plymouth, England. There are some modern Christians in Europe who care about the quality of life in this age of dramatic changes –

Attending Mass at Notre-Dame, Paris

“On Sunday 13th January, following the March of Parisian Pride the night before, a handful of Generation Identity activists attended a traditional Catholic mass at the Notre-Dame Cathedral in the heart of Paris. We battled our tiredness from the rally and set off for the Île de la Cité in the brisk winter’s morning. We stopped off at a café and enjoyed a croissant and coffee as we admired the sight of the island. It is truly a monument to French architecture and city planning.

The buildings occupying the island are of varying age and function – some are medieval religious sites; others are war memorials and civic buildings – but they are in perfect harmony thanks to the orchestration of architects. We ambled around the Notre-Dame’s grounds, seeing monuments to Charlemagne and the apostles as we went, before being invited inside by a tremendous chorus of cathedral bells. As soon as we crossed the threshold, the bells were joined by an angelic choir and rumbling organ, enhanced by echoing corridors and a roof that seemed to press against the firmament itself.

As we stood at the entrance of the cathedral, we were struck with the sense of awe one feels in a place of great significance. We could feel the connection with our ancestors who stood in the same spot hundreds of years earlier. We heard the same chants, smelled the same incense, and saw the same stained glass icons as those who came before us. We were informed by many signs that the cathedral had been continually repaired, restored and added to in the nine centuries since its construction. This did not detract from the feeling of tradition, but enhanced it – such a magnificent monument was the culmination of hundreds of years of effort, a true labour of our forefathers’ love.

The same sense of tradition we felt so sharply in the pews of Notre-Dame is present in Christianity as a whole. One cannot overstate the importance of Christianity in European tradition. It is a thread that runs from the Roman Empire to the present day, a constant through a time of great change. Practising the same liturgy, singing the same hymns and walking the same halls as our ancestors allows us to feel connected to them and appreciate their experiences despite them often seeming so far away.

We left the mass with a reinvigorated sense of duty, which remains to improve our homeland as our forefathers improved it before us. To do this, we must actively promote expressions of European tradition and resist any and all attempts to erode it, which would sever the thread of continuity running through our history. Tradition serves as the roots of a people. With strong, deep tradition, a people will flourish, rooted firmly in their past but stretching far into the future; without it, a people will wither and weaken.”

Social Media & Other Attacks

There’s so much to be said about Twitter! I used to think it was a breeding ground for ‘celebrity’ excesses or ‘hate mongers’ on the Left or Right. Hardly anyone I knew was on the platform, so I just tended to believe the fearful stories out there. I try never to criticize or judge a thing till I check it out but I wanted to grow my blog and bring my book to a wider audience, so I joined and have learned alot in the last 6 months …..

One thing you have to deal with is the ‘attacks’ that come your way if you support a certain Left or Right viewpoint. Couple months ago I was on Twitter following a thread re: an Antifa protest in Portland. I made a brief favorable comment on what I felt was fairly honest coverage as I’d been following the reporter for awhile, and am concerned about the violence going on in PDX.

Little later I got this personal attack which stated ….  ‘his journalism appeals to uneducated people like u who are naive and easily inflamed. I feel bad for you, that you didn’t try harder in school, maybe you’d have better critical faculties … ‘

Well, since this was the first time I’d come across this individual and since ‘he’ didn’t know a thing about me, and thot I was a youth, I felt it was an attack which needed a response. I wasn’t going to cower in fear over a person on the liberal side who doesn’t see the threats on our nation like me.

Anyway, I believe it’s important to be authentic in our comments in public like we are in private. In a comment back I said something like  …. ‘maybe you didn’t realize it but what you said was hurtful. I made a comment re: an issue dear to me as my son was murdered in that city a few years ago. I write a blog about the tragedy and other issues like violence as I care about the violence going on.’

I didn’t expect a note back as I thought he was likely an empty-headed youth who was either very angry or not very educated, but to my surprise he got right back and said, ‘I’m sorry bout that if that was the case …. I wish you well ….. ‘  I was glad he wasn’t this die-hard hateful guy, but shared his honest humanity.

But …. I was still curious and checked him out later on. I saw he only followed ’16’ people and had only ‘5’ followers ….. one follower being to my complete surprise, one of the top Dem. Senators in the U. S.  (I won’t divulge his name.)  I wondered who was behind these comments to me, was this the Senator himself or staffer? The language used was pretty intelligent. I know there’s lot of people using social media to intimidate others, shut down any opposition. Alot of ‘conspiracy’ talk. I know it’s not beneath some in public life to use a phony account, just very eye opening to think this Senator is perhaps instigating or condoning this type of behavior on a public platform.  Pres. Trump texts, maybe this Senator tweets incognito? I’m just glad that there was a real person behind that blistering attack on me.

A couple years back a co-worker befriended me, and when there was a change in ownership she turned cold to me. She was rude to me for no reason, and I was stunned at the change. I had my suspicions as I saw her chummy with the new owner.

Long story short, one day my friend called me aside and told me how wrong she was to be mean to me. She explained how she’d been listening to what ‘another person’ was saying about me and after a month or so she said to herself, ‘Hey, Diane isn’t like that! That’s not how she is, this other woman has it wrong about her.’ She just wanted me to know how sorry she was and to forgive her. I told her it was a big person who could say that, and ‘thanks’!

I think everyone has people in their life who don’t like them or who they’re on different sides of the fence politically with. I believe there’s alot of fear re: Twitter cause people think it’s such a ‘hateful’ platform. I know professionals who are afraid to get an account cause they don’t want the ‘trolls’, the mean, spite filled people but …..  you can avoid them. You follow only who you wish, and you can ‘block’.

I follow certain national political leaders on Twitter and am so very glad for the hard work some do, the way they write books or articles on our national problems. There are ‘kooks’ and ‘hate’ mongers out there but I don’t comment on their threads. I never ‘name call’, pit people against one another …. I don’t want to go back to grade school antics. I want to honor the freedom Marc gave me. But, I won’t sit and take a harsh criticism of me re: something I believe is important. Good, honest people should not just ‘take it’ from ‘trolls’.

Some attackers I imagine are paid, some are rotten and some are really searching. It pays to stay in the game as a conservative. If you truly know who you are and value your beliefs, you can go farther than you ever thought!

Future of

Thank you for your condolences and comments in the last several years, they have been amazing, you have no idea!

This is an UPDATE on what’s going on with my blog and book –

Marc –

It takes enormous effort to write a book so I’ve posted here less frequently of late!

For four years I wrote in this blog about Marc’s murder case. I shared about grief, facing death and going thru a murder investigation. I talked about how it came about that I (and my family) could ‘forgive’ the people who killed our precious Marc. The forgiveness was laced with the deepest pain and anger, but we had to forgive. The crime was a brief misunderstanding in many respects, unintentional …. the defendants were youths in the wrong place at the wrong time …. a real tragedy, for those of you new to the blog.

I don’t foresee closing down MJ or not sharing about the case but I’ve intentionally been writing on certain cultural trends that I feel need to be talked about more openly. I don’t like being increasingly frustrated in my own country and need to bring up a couple things!

I love this country! I love that I can reside in safety and peace in my own home, community and have an avenue where I can say what I want. I have neighbors or co-workers from many cultures whom I love, so I’m not referring to a frustration due to people of color, immigrants. I know people of wealth and people in prison, so I don’t have problems with individuals who’re rich or poor or from different classes of society. I’m a charismatic Lutheran but work with Catholics, I love people of different denominations.  My frustration is due to a shift in the public attitude about life, government

I’m not alone! This past year I set out to research some trends that are going on in politics, pop culture. I joined Twitter and have exchanged opinions with various people on a wide range of topics. I went thru my own collection of books plus bought a ton more on Kindle. I read sources from years ago or current best sellers. It used to be that esteemed intellectuals who warned us about destructive trends in the modern world were accepted as ‘great thinkers’, now they are ignored, and maybe even scorned by today’s ‘thinkers’ or writers. What Orwell, Huxley, C S Lewis and others have told us would happen is now going on …… our personal and corporate freedoms are being eroded. So, I’ll be writing about life in our modern world more frequently.

Few months back a producer from CNN expressed interest in filming the defendant and I in a prison dialogue. While that wasn’t approved by the prison there’s sustained support for Marc’s legacy and ongoing feedback and support from various sources. I’m very grateful for the people this blog has touched and am looking forward to reaching more folks thru the book on Marc’s legacy.

Thank you again for your support on this adventure! And, again ….. please keep reading and commenting.



‘Fake’ News

                      HAPPY  NEW  YEAR!

For centuries it’s been understood that a ‘fake’ is something that pretends to be the real thing! It’s an imitation. The real thing is ‘genuine’, you can sense it is cause it looks or rings true! It registers something deep in our souls.

People on social media or national news sources are even talking about ‘fake news’, but we should always remember to assess objects or ideas on the basis of the true source of their identity, not what they hype (hope) to be.

Marc’s murder was not ‘fake news’, some news out there on the internet isn’t.  I came across this article on Twitter recently about ‘Fake News’.  Erick Erickson writes :

“Let me give you three news headlines.

(A) The Russians were able to use American social media to effectively micro-target enough voters to hand the election to Donald Trump.

(B) The media is intentionally undercounting President Trump’s support among white, working class voters in their polling.

(C) Jesus Christ died on a cross, three days later rose again from the dead, and if you accept him as your Lord and Savior you will have eternal life.

Two of those three headlines are fake news. If you are on the right, you probably believe two of them are true. If you are on the left and a believer, you probably believe two of them are true. But both A and B, commonly held beliefs on opposite sides of the partisan divide, are fake. Only C is true.

But we are all Pontius Pilate now wondering what is truth. There is real truth and Jesus is that truth. As you begin accepting, embracing, and pushing fake news, it begins to break down truth for you. It hurts your ability to share the actual gospel truth with others. And as more and more people are advancing fake news, it makes it harder for people to believe them about anything. 

Jerol Lanier –

Fake news harms the advance of the gospel of Jesus. It harms your ability to relate to others. It harms your ability to know truth.

All of us must now increasingly rely on others, mostly friends, to help us sort out the truth. Unfortunately, conservatives increasingly isolate themselves inside a news bubble because of real and perceived biases by the mainstream media. Liberals isolate themselves inside a social bubble where, even when exposed to truths they do not like, they can easily dismiss them because all their friends tell them it is not true.

People of faith have an obligation to the truth. And we should all tread carefully when loud voices who purport to be with us spread lies. Before you share another story on Twitter or Facebook, please commit to seeking the truth of the story and not just believing it because you saw it on the internet. In fact, be more skeptical of news you see on the internet.

It’s not just Russia that wants you to believe fake news. The Devil does too.”

  –  Erick Erickson

(Erick is a conservative political commentator who was also a ‘never Trumper’)

I’ve been reading books and articles for years by cultural scientists who’ve been commenting on certain perils of modern life.  Authors like Orwell,  Huxley, C S Lewis and others have written about the perils of modern culture that knows no bounds.

Jerol Lanier is a secular guy who speaks and writes about among other things the dangers of social media. He comes from a background based in internet science, philosophy and he share’s how our ‘tech and media’ world is ‘destroying democracy‘.  One of his key assumptions is that social media has helped destroy ‘personal freedom’. He doesn’t shy away from the truth in saying that social media is revenue driven and ‘attention hoarding, triggering in us a fight or flight response’.

Whether it’s ‘fake news’, loss of personal freedom …. we need to be more concerned about the dangers of social media. We need to monitor our kids, our own reliance on social media as this obsession with social media is keeping us in ‘bubble’ worlds that  create a deception about real life.

Was Christmas an Accident?

                     MERRY CHRISTMAS  to my readers !

Most of you know this blog is not about the things I’ve consumed or cooked thru the year.

At certain holidays I need to digress from my usual posts and share about Marc. Yesterday as I started this post I got a call from someone asking if Marc was here? I was so stunned by the timing of the call, just as I was writing of him. It was such a ‘dig’ in my soul to have to explain why he couldn’t come to the phone.

Life is momentarily a ‘downer’ when I have to account for the sudden reminders of Marc being gone. Christmas is just a blaring reminder of his absence. I’m not depressed, but …. I miss him so much! I never knew what total ‘longing’ for someone was like till this! I think I took so much for granted!

Stuffing my sadness inside isn’t where it’s at, I’ve learned. I’m so glad to be a writer so I can get this stuff out on paper privately and then in a blog post. Being among others on this holiday is nice but most of the time they’re laughing, drinking and talking of food, their kids so I value my time alone to cope, write.

I had the most wonderful son, I rejoice in that! And …. one of our legacies is that …. we had a pretty full, normal life even in this modern age where ‘things‘ tend to control people. Where politics can seem overwhelming. I’m so grateful for the love and sanity we shared.

Marc a few years back –

I heard someone share today on TV about how Mary and Joseph lived a normal life even tho they were a divinely chosen couple. Christmas wasn’t an accident. They were matched in lineage and had a destiny and their world, like ours, was in political, spiritual chaos. Still, for the most part, that couple led a quiet, peaceful life and didn’t become enmeshed in the furor around them. They didn’t need to brag at Temple how their son was this brilliant rabbi type guy who’s going to be a King. It’s cool how God deals with people, how He deals with us individually to keep us humble, separate and safe for our ‘purpose’, if we’re willing to stay the course. He’s planned for us thru our genealogy, our culture.

Anyway, I know you’re all really busy but it would really feel great if someone out there would send me a big ‘hug’! I’ve tried so hard this past week to be so strong but I’m really missing Marc. Several people have taken note of my sadness this Christmas but it’s still like having a sore thumb at this time. Marc isn’t a relic of the past! He’s alive to me! But …. he’s not here!

*     *     *     *     *     *

(P.S. –  Thanks for the hugs!)


A Worrisome Trend And Answer

I notice trends in our nations food consumption …. you may see trends in cars. I’ve really liked the move towards healthier food, but sadly, many are ignoring their health and growing more obese!

Folk art tapestry in my home with bears dancing with each other, not fighting –

There’s a destructive trend in political reporting on social media too even though the platform was created to bring people together. This trend is making people fear turning on the news or setting up a Twitter account. We see some of this trend on local TV, but it’s out big time on  social media, the national political realm, and certain work environments.

Some national news commentators are using Twitter, cable news programs or entertainment shows to go way beyond the normal bias and simply promote ‘hate’ of certain individuals or groups. These platforms aren’t just a playground for political bashing but a place where people feel free to malign others not only for being an R or Dem but people are slammed for being white, male, Christian/Jew, etc. These extreme voices and sometimes threats attack anyone who has an opinion different from them, be it office holder or infant of an opponent, no one is exempt from being attacked.

I’ve been witnessing a deep suspicion in both the Right and Left in the last few years, and some of it is because of the vitriol voiced by some citizens. It really got to me recently that the manager of a restaurant in D.C. didn’t want to serve the family of a member of the President’s staff. I read they closed the establishment and called someone to see what to do when her family came in, they simply could not ‘accept’ the staff member’s family as normal folks going out for dinner!

I haven’t heard of any Left or antifa type being rejected from a Chick-fil-e or other Right or Christian owned establishment …. I hope they’d be welcome. Someone might even tell them, ‘We’re glad you’re here.’ Or …. ‘God bless you.’ What a difference in approach by some businesses. What a different attitude towards others by some in the political extremes.

There are some conservatives who are abrasive, yes, and openly critical of liberals, the Left. Some of them are so strident it’s hard for me to listen to them but whenever I do I’ve never heard them say, as a policy, to ‘shun’ liberals, threaten Dem families or disturb them in public like some D’s have said to do to R’s. And if they ever would, they should be censored strongly or ejected, after examining the facts.

This extreme attitude is being copied by some in politics, and it’s worth noting because their influence on laws and attitudes filter down to us personally! We may ‘hate’ what the other side has to say about us but we should not treat them as beyond correction, beyond saving. We need reasons to stay in the battle for our country, we can’t be so offended by the un-civility of the ones who want to quiet us down.

America has always allowed strong opinions, but our society is changing too. Technology has allowed us to see the inner greed and confusion in some people, so that people tend not to see the good in D.C.  When some people think D.C. is a ‘swamp’ then they don’t see how they can have any power to help make it right. We can do something about our nations ills. Remember, people can change, be won over but you have to demonstrate some tolerance and willingness to talk in order to make them accept your ideas.

Two sides battle it out, openly with rules –

Sen. Ben Sasse just wrote a book called, ‘Them: Why We Hate Each Other … And How To Heal’, and he has some awesome comments on what’s going on in our country. There’s voices being raised up who stand for strong and just values, we aren’t alone in our desires to want our country to be a safe place for all.

We can pray about how to be used in this arena, and make some changes in our own family life. Marc and I talked about politics often, it was one of our strongest bonds. We shouldn’t relinquish our sanity or security to those who are maligning good values –



Happy Thanksgiving 2018

                HAPPY  THANKSGIVING!

We have so many things to be grateful for at this time! But ….  some are going thru a tough holiday!

If you’ve lost a loved one or just know there’s something more than coming together for a routine meal every November, be assured you’re not alone! Someone knows your discomfort. Just because we sit down to a sumptuous turkey dinner with people we never met before or are feeling alone with those we’ve known all our lives … all’s not lost.

When Marc was murdered 4 years ago my life came crashing down, and I couldn’t face the holidays well at all! But, it didn’t stay that way.

Today I thought, what if Marc and I never valued our relationship?  What if I kept him all to myself? What if my faith, Christianity, says ‘just leave the dead to themselves’? I would never have discovered the love and healing of so many or written a blog or started a book. There is purpose beyond our pain.

God said to me in these last few years, ‘I won’t let you keep Marc to yourself He belongs not just to me but to the world. Go and forgive the boys! Do my will and I won’t forget what happened and I’ll bless what comes out of his sacrifice.’

You have hurts, issues that nag your heart or mind …. all of us do.

Jesus says in John 16:33, … ‘These things I have spoken to you, that in me you will have peace. In this world there will be tribulation, but …. be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.’

Our hurts & tribulations don’t have to stay inside or go unnoticed. God wants to bring us out to freedom, not bondage to an event or issue. We can forgive those who hurt us, those who caused us harm. We can dare to go ahead and dream beyond a sad event and live a life of joy.

Keep loving, keep trusting God. He’ll help you stay focused in love so you don’t retaliate against others or hurt your own self in some destructive way! God wants us strong, resilient …. not weak to whatever blows we suffer.

It’s human to suffer, in God we overcome –

       Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE On Lesser Defendant

Some of you are new to this blog on Marc’s murder case, and other issues.

A recent view of Portland, OR in the morning –

I’ve felt conflicted at times on sharing about the defendants! Here it is, four years after the murder incident and I’m still in touch with the two young men. Believe me, it took me many months and a lot of anxiety assessing who they were, what their motives were. I never dreamed I’d actually ‘like’ them once it got past ‘I forgive you’ stage. For a couple years it was hard to understand my feelings of trust in them when I really felt this huge longing for Marc to come back!

As a parent, educator and Christian it’s sorta a no-brainer to like some people. When folks accept and respect you it enables you to establish a trust …. it’s always been that way with the boys.  After pouring their hearts out in tears or words of remorse, I found at least a solid reason why forgiving them was such a god-send for we three and those reading this blog. It just opened the door for healing on a level I never knew existed between people.

Recently the lesser defendant, Wesley, contacted me again after a silence of about 6 months! Whew, it was like we picked up where we left off! I’d been feeling kinda dejected re: him and wondered if we’d ever talk again? With his life on the fringe of society so much is at stake for him. I used to fear that maybe one of the Detectives in Marc’s case would call me with news Wesley had passed too! I knew that crime in the Portland homeless community was so pervasive and perhaps Wesley was a serious victim of it.

But something inside didn’t feel that was the legacy that was due Marc, or his case! I’ve written in the past how I believed God had a better outcome from the tragedy! That the forgiveness would continue to bear fruit!

Portland souvenir in gift shop recently –

The last time we spoke he was sobbing over the phone and just needing someone to help him. I didn’t see at the time how he could take anymore? He recently told me he moved from Portland, and is ‘safe and sound’. But …. he’s needing to connect again.

I know people driving past him may think he’s a loser but he’s a person with meaning. I’ve found out thru getting to know him he’s a ‘people’ person, he loves family but is estranged due to the murder. He’s not into political conspiracies or sympathetic to the Antifa mind-set …. I’ve asked his opinions on current events. He’s not this angry young man but someone I call ‘stuck’. It’s good he’s not getting stoned or begging or stealing for some drug habit, that would likely be the end of any hope for him.

I think he spends most days hanging out at malls to keep warm during the winter. He seeks whatever friends he can find who are good to him. He’s not mentally ill where he can’t fit in with society or make trusting friendships. Just amazing the incredibly hard and lonely lives some people have. Marc’s case has opened my eyes to so much more suffering going on in this world, but I’ve seen people rise above!

I asked him on his birthday the other day if he still prays and he said he does! I’ll continue praying for him that God watches over him and brings him to the people who will lead him to the hope he needs!

Miracles do happen!


I’m Realistically Biased But Objective

Try as I may to be objective, there are some people I can’t suffer! Yes, I’m biased! I have to be biased if I want to keep my sanity, my soul safe!

Suffering some fruit and not others –

I’m not so concerned about a persons politics, money or race as much as I find it important to be around people who are making an effort to be informed truth tellers.  And I’ve really found that people who have folks in their lives they truly love and cherish are the people I respect the most. It’s just important to me to respect a person for who he or she is rather than if they think like I do.

I can’t bear insufferable complainers, manipulators …. and blamers are a huge pet peeve. I try to be tolerant of people who blame others for their problems but I can barely remember what they say. Their arguments are lost on me. I also have a hard time suffering narcissists, folks who see the world from their viewpoint only and can’t stand independent thinkers.

I’m careful who I’m on FB with, and who I follow on Twitter. I don’t follow many or have huge followers on purpose. FB is the side of life to me that’s more touchy-feely, and I need it to keep up with family and friends or share a prayer need. I can take my friends anger, boasting or whining if I know them personally and know how hard they are trying to get their life under control.

Twitter is the serious side of life. It’s important to me as I travel my path on this earth to interact with others  who value life and who share their minds and hearts about the challenges and joys we all go thru. I have to be biased like this. I like to be challenged by the views and emotions of other Christians, professors, pastors, writers or politicians. I constantly need to refresh my facts so I can be as objective as possible in assessing an issue.  If I don’t grow and learn to love others for their constructive views on a myriad of subjects or their good efforts to make a difference then I may as well fold it up and ask God to take me to heaven to be with Marc.

I can’t suffer some things in myself that creep in at times. I’ve had to evaluate myself like I’m using a scalpel in surgery, so I weed out things that are choking my joy and freedom. Sometimes it’s as easy as cutting out a stupid habit, or refusing to accept lazy thinking.

Being open and objective with others requires us to see beyond the deception of this culture …. to read between the lines of many statements out there. There’s also glamour and power tugging at our subconscious that we have to admit colors our objectivity.

No one can escape being biased to a degree but it helps so much to be honest about our biases –